Now you CAN find me on Facebook!

I finally buckled and started a Facebook author page, so now I can keep you up to date with all the fun little details of my journey after the 365 Poetry Project :) I’ll be sharing tidbits about my self-publishing process, the writing classes I teach, and my personal life as well as answering your […]

Candy Pizza to be Released Tuesday, September 9th!

candy pizza

Candy Pizza: Poetry that’s Fun and Healthy
is here!! It was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work last night and I squeed for a good long while. (Is that a word? Squeed? Whatever, it is now.) Here’s a picture of my reaction as proof:

After totally freaking out for a bit, I calmed down and added some extra, more recent poems that I’ve fallen in love with since putting together the collection this summer. I feel confident that it now represents the best of the entire 365 Poetry Project. AND I’M SO EXCITED TO RELEASE IT TO YOU!! (Yes, I did sleep with the proof copy under my pillow last night for good luck, thankyouverymuch.)

Monday, September 8th is Day 365 and the final day for the project, so it’s only fitting that TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th will be the first day you’ll be able to order your copy :DD It’ll be available at my Createspace store and on for $9.99, and an e-book version will be available through Kindle (price to be determined.)

I also have planned some fun book giveaways on my Facebook & Goodreads author pages, so be on the lookout for those, too!

Now this is important, people: one of my biggest, most overruling goals of life is to remain humble. I try very hard not to let things like this get to my head even though they’re suuuuper exciting ;) I’ve seen other artists, poets, musicians who let themselves get cocky about these things, and I’ve seen them completely torn down because they don’t know the difference between reaching for the stars and assuming you own them.

I’m not doing this to make tons of money; I’m doing this because it’s what I love. For a year I’ve released my poetry for free over the internet without even attempting to get it published anywhere. And it’s been an amazing experience! I want to make sure you all know how incredibly appreciative I am for each and every one of your kind comments and words of advice, praise, and encouragement. NEVER ONCE, on this entire blog with over 5,000 followers, have I ever received even one negative or unkind comment, and that just blows my mind. (I have to assume that if anyone didn’t like my work they just kept their opinion to themselves, which in itself is an act of uncommon politeness.)

So from the bottom of my heart, even if you don’t buy a copy, I’m grateful for every single second that you took to read my poems and for every single e-mail, comment, page view, and blog follow I’ve been blessed to receive. Bloggers really are the best people on Earth ;)

Much love and forever thanks,

Day 355 – I Never Wanted A Kid

I never wanted a kid
but I think I just got one-
man I think one just landed in my arms.

I never wanted to get cliché
or real sentimental, y’know,
but here it is, time to get parental
and all of that schmaltzy stuff.

I never wanted to get down with all that,
calling things ‘babies’ and holdin’ ‘em tight,
but they can be right about their mothering
and I’ll be over here with the oh-my-god kid

that rooted up my right to myself.

Day 354 – You Were Dying

You were dying when you found me-
how’d you even find me?
You were dying when I bought that leather jacket.

You knew you were searching,
you warned me yourself,
came shopping for me when I was shopping, too.

What could I have done to heal you?
Did you think I’d had that jacket my whole life?

I had barely clipped the price tag off
when you wandered in and took me for
somebody who could love you back to life.

By now I guess you figured how to resurrect yourself-
I don’t even have that jacket anymore-
but the closet, the closet remembers the stench
of the dying you brought with you.

Day 353 – Papa Bear

A music box plays from the depths somewhere
where Papa Bear still lives,
one haunting note
in a perfect existence
which refuses to believe he is there.

But dreams bring him back
captain of a sunken heart,
rising through the waves
to point a bony finger-

I killed him some time ago.

And now he is memories of sand,
of the paradise we never could reach,
and I have long given up
trying to find
a song to drown out his echo.

Day 352 – “I Don’t Want That Life”

Bah, they don’t believe me
when I tell ‘em that, though-
they laugh and keep pushing
up a steep, steep hill
that a man is a fool to climb.

I can’t feed anybody.

But they think that lipstick
is an invitation and I
focus on keeping my mouth shut.

I close the barn door
on my incredulous rap sheet,
content with the scenarios
I struck this deal to avoid,
knowing that if ever one word was leaked
my stronghouse of mercied secrets
would fall.

I hear them whisper,
I hear them sneer.

I stand by my champions
of quiet and work,
though I know there are more sublime pursuits,
more picking apart all the loners who insist-
“I don’t want that life.”

Day 351 – On The Cusp Of Autumn

On the cusp of autumn
the world is opening, opening,
the road is hurrying to meet
those intrepid feet which dared to dance
alone in dark cobblestone streets.

There’s a chill which is coming
to change the air, to entice out the dreamers
to climb a midnight stair
and join the regalia of starlight,
the fast-burning joy of the night.

This is the prize for those who have worked
long days amid summer’s rage,
against temptation’s shade, empty winds
that seethe and blow sand
through the trees.

A reprieve has been granted for us,
it is here-
by the grasp of our faith have we come-
at last, to the harvest, to the cooling moon,
to breathe in bigger dreams
for next year.