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Day 1 – Little Bird

Out of nest, descent
into disarray
from breezy palm swaddling
down to unforgiving asphalt
where rude children play,
their sneakers thundering past-
it lies tangled in grotesque shapes
and you,
you will not scoop it up.

“But why,” I say,
“when just look-”
and unpack boxes and boxes
of paintings and proof
to convince an act of mercy.
We scuffle over-endlessly
but I’ve won enough times,
so I sit while you explain.

I watch for a twitch so intently
I almost hear it-
over your logic,
a low, sweet mourning,
a cry but imagined-
and you are right this time:
that little bird has not asked for help,
and pity’s too much,
oh, pity’s too much.


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