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Day 5 – Thief of Days

When the sands have diminished,
all your graces amassed,
will you wonder, when it’s finished,
how it happened so fast?

Or with its last plunder
of your hard-won gains
will you have by then numbered
your days spent in chains?

When it comes will you have tallied
how often it’s taken
the days that you dallied,
when you could not awaken?

Have you long been a victim, or-
when it comes around
will it find you the victor
since you never sat down?


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Thief of Days

  1. As we age, we are robbed of the strength and health we always took for granted. We complain and wonder what went wrong, how we can regain the lost. Even the rich, cultured mind is rendered blunt and empty. The memory becomes feeble and yet, we just recapitulate the good days like a cow chewing the cud. Time doesn’t look back, it’s just cruel.

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