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Day 30 – The Woods

Back when every bear trap was lined with honey,
every spiderweb hung with dew,
when it was a delight just to be caught,
I loved to walk in the woods
and giggle as my ridiculous flashy skirts
were torn apart
in outstretched branches.

Back when someday was only a dream
and I was invincible
I liked to eat the berries I didn’t like,
the plentiful ones that gave me pains,
to prove I wasn’t invincible.

Back when they said to beware hungry wolves
I fed them the linings of my stockings
and was thrilled to nurse
each bleeding excuse they gave
to my skin.

Back when I didn’t care how pale
my brave face would get
under constant tree shade-

I never counted on having enough,
never thought the day would come
when it wouldn’t be safe in the woods anymore.


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