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Day 32 – Cold Beach

There’s a sprawling blue expanse I know,
somewhere far and tucked away,
where one day in its simple graces,
when carried back like a souvenir,
can rejuvenate a life lived elsewhere.

Where gulls relax their muscles
drifting on a salty breeze,
where the chill of sea spray,
the glitter of the waves
I take it all home with me.

But to thousands of beaches closer by
I’m a snob for wandering
just for some rocks-
that hedge of dull razors
that protects and excludes,
lures me endlessly.

For to youth there is no pleasure
in prizes easily won
and no greater delight
than the risk of finding paradise
only to be dashed among the rocks.

And for all the warm sands of contentment
there’s nothing more to me
than conquering the jagged perils
of that cold beach. 


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