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Day 33 – Guilty Youth

Don’t think we’re not sorry
for all the Christmases you’ll be praying for a miracle
though we asked you not to wait.

Don’t think we don’t regret
that we can’t just say “mind your own business”
’cause it would break your heart.

Don’t think we don’t realize
the things we’ve become, the reasons we can’t
be happy like that, make you happy.

Don’t think we aren’t feeling
the bitter sting as childhood expectations collapse
and you didn’t help with that.

Don’t think it ain’t the same
with all of us; watched you get your divorces
your great emancipations, triumphant new freedoms
and twenty years later pray
that we get more than you got.

Don’t think we don’t see
your hopeless hope and hide
our guilty smirks.


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