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Day 49 – Sleepytime Tea

When all the world had come to rest
my turn was shared in peace
with you, always wrapping those elbows
around a little frame which made out like
the giggles were not for show.

When I was breathing soft and still
and sipping the calm of night,
I counted freckles and sorted them
by what was done today, and what
could be put off ’til tomorrow.

When I was peeking over a book
to catch you watching, to catch you knowing
and exhale from the deep parts
which went shallowly-filled
the hours a day that you were gone,

I wondered if someone else
would make a better bedtime-
I wonder it now, still.

For how many times did I spill my tea
wrestling blankets away from you?
When I was drifting off you were wide awake
so you must’ve seen it coming,
must’ve seen the steam rising.


4 thoughts on “Day 49 – Sleepytime Tea

      • Romantic more in the sense of a 19th century ode than ‘boy meets girl’ type stuff. And I don’t wax poetic over ALL your poems. Just the good ones.

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