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Day 63 – Divorce Papers

Would I waste my time asking
for my pen back,
would I bother critiquing
your penmanship?
Could anything dampen this high,
could you set me back any farther,
for the rest of eternity now?

I know your bitter heart
begs me to pick a fight,
but you can win it all,
I’d let you have it.

And you can slink off and die
or find your peace and live,
but all memories deteriorate
just the same, and I won’t
ever wonder.

For you, my once love,
have made me happiest here,
locking the gate between us,
graffitied key, your signature,
a tear or two sealing the envelope,
at last, on our divorce papers.


5 thoughts on “Day 63 – Divorce Papers

    • I’m not actually going through a divorce; only something similar on a much smaller scale. But it’s good to know that the poem is relatable in a broader sense, especially to people such as you who really are going through a divorce. It means I’m getting it right, hooray 🙂
      And best of luck to you as well, KB!

      • Oh I’m over the whole thing. A month of writing boo hoo poetry –though not goopy my editor tells me–and that was it. I’ve begun seeing my first girlfriend vfrom high school. Who unlike my ex, loves poetry, me and my poetry. Great combination at 62. >KB

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