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Day 67 – Florida Winter

You’d think we all gave our lives to be here-
retired early in a condo on the beach
after decades of shoveling horrible snows,
the way we carry on.

We trump out our fanciest pea coats
for three weeks of December discomfort,
grumbling and wiping the dust off
the red part of the thermostat.

But most of us don’t know it, never got
the heart-thrill of thawing something frozen,
never suffered through the negatives
to earn that blessed warmth.

But I have had my fill of swimming pools,
tans I have no use for, ugly flip-flops,
because I know there is no sweat
like the sweat under fleece-
the maddening contradiction of fear and joy
that accompanies a blizzard, wondering whether
we’ll wake alive or dead
in the morning.


13 thoughts on “Day 67 – Florida Winter

      • We always somehow write about the same thing no matter what the subject. I don’t know if you have read any of my work but I see it in there. Yes there are varying themes but ultimately you’re writing about the space between the world and your skin. >KB

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  2. Hello Charlotte,
    I read some of your poetry and I really enjoyed them. Your writing style is unique. Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

  3. I moved to Florida by way of Chile after I retired from the Navy… I used to tell people I finally made Aliyah (the tradition of Jews of the Diaspora to return to the Promised Land). Then Orlando scared me back north, though I still miss all of my friend down there.

  4. I’m very impressed at the consistent quality of your poems and the way you use words. Yours is a skill to be nourished

  5. This is so uplifting to read this as the cold wind starts to blow in Marseille, France ! Your poem is truly beautiful ! Thank you so much for the follow, from someone who has been a childrens’s librarian (just for one month !), but, who’s now a fashion documentalist !

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