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Day 69 – In the Middle of a Party with the Fun All Around

Do I say right now
what I mean,
or do I care about poetry?
When the wind blows my skirt up,
who am I?
When there’s a willing vessel,
can I pretend anymore?
A couple more drinks, please and thanks.


5 thoughts on “Day 69 – In the Middle of a Party with the Fun All Around

  1. I know this poem’s bloody awful, but I included it for funsies because the backstory is amusing. I found this poem this morning in my phone after getting sloshed at a party, I wrote it literally in the middle of the dance floor. And I find it so (funny, alarming?) that even in that state I was still so concerned about writing my poem for the day. AND the poem ended up being about my worries that drinking would impede my writing capabilities (which it clearly does.) Char, you’re a weird kid.

  2. I like it. Day 69 has dodgy connotations. Having your skirt blown up is like Marilyn Munroe in that movie the red dress. I like the line ‘Where’s there’s a willing vessel’. Does that refer to another drink or perhaps a potential partner? It’s quite an amusing poem.

  3. As well you SHOULD be concerned about writing your poem for the day… I’ve finished up my day’s quota of writing on bar napkins, newspaper margins, cell phone notes… I may have once written a note on the person I was in bed with. (She was an artist… she was okay with it.) It’s called being a person who writes, not a person who advertises her ‘writerness.’ The poem? I think it would make an awesome prose piece if you expanded it a little.

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