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Day 70 – Mexico

I don’t wanna go to Mexico no more, no more
Where they fiesta like nobody’s business, ok?
I ain’t gettin’ dragged into no more conga lines
Slippin’ in tequila on the dance floor.

‘Cause in Juarez, time can stand still for you
Or it can leave you far behind
In Tijuana, Guadalajara, you can be ninety years
Blissful, without a clue.

And a pure white vision of snow such as I
Can’t be ramblin’ down those dusty streets,
Bailando con los papi chulos,
Can’t keep watchin’ the hours go by.

Porque si estoy escribiendo un cuento
De mi vida, de mi trabaje
No puedo quedarme en este pais
Con toda la diversion adentro.


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