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Day 72 – Case Study

What we’re looking at, folks,
is a woman undone, right on schedule.
Let us open her dreams and find tragically naught
but an old ball of questions, beginning to rot
and a churning kaleidoscope full of regrets
and the hope that this isn’t the best that it gets
and when, pupils dilated, we look through her eyes
we see that they’re only ever fixed on one prize-
a thing she can’t name but steers ever toward,
a quaint kind of freedom she can’t yet afford.
But let us just ponder why she never ceases,
never stops to look around or to pick up the pieces,
why she cannot enjoy the sweet chaos around her,
a slave to the unvoiced music that found her,
and when, at long last, she will count it enough
and slink along home, content with pleasanter stuff
than to murder her livelihood day after day,
in pursuit of the means to keep it at bay.


6 thoughts on “Day 72 – Case Study

  1. Just finished adding a few buttons on my own… if you need a hand let me know. And I want to say again… this poem and #73 are frightfully bittersweet and wonderful. I feel like I’m peeking into a mirror of my own world and watching things move on one side and yet not the other… familiar yet haunting.

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