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Day 75 – I Will Ask You Again

But not for a long time, don’t worry-
I will ask you again.

We will not speak of it,
ever gently let it rest,
forever let it rest, if you wish
but I’ll be asking you again,
I know.

When the answer smolders
and threatens to erupt,
and no time before-
when your face becomes a beacon
for what you cannot suppress,
but no sooner-
when the response is leaping,
begging to be heard-
then I will ask you,

and then never again.


7 thoughts on “Day 75 – I Will Ask You Again

  1. Hi, it’s Julie, from Stubblejumpers Cafe, so glad you visited me and glad I found your poetry project. A treasuretrove to enjoy late at night when the day just can’t be parted from without squeezing out just one more drop of living. . .

  2. Beautiful and haunting. And unlike some of your other recent poems which keep me from working on my own as I have to keep rerererererereading them, this one got me to get back to work on the one I’ve been playing with this week.

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