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A Rebuttal to My Recent Poetry Rant

One of my best writer pals, C.J. Casey, wrote a rebuttal to my recent poetry rant on his blog, which I think is worth taking a gander at, especially if you’re one of those folks who gasped in shock and horror like I said I hated kittens or something.

Why Writers Should Read: http://www.cjcasey.com/?p=315

I don’t have time this week to write a re-rebuttal (sure, we’ll call it that), so I’ll just leave this open and make it known that CJ has always supported my writing and has a kick-ass blog, and I think it’s super cool that he took the time to write a really long post telling me about how I’m wrong.

P.S. I’m gonna kill you, C.J.


9 thoughts on “A Rebuttal to My Recent Poetry Rant

  1. I tried very hard to not say that you’re wrong. I’m just more right. Seriously, I hope I was clear that what works for you is what works for you, but I tried to offer a few suggestions as to why you might want to read more poetry, and even tried to make it poetic. But we will have to talk it out over wine sometime soon.

    PS: Kittens are nasty creatures. Unless a kitten finds me on its own, I always adopt adult cats (on my seventh, as an adult) from a shelter. They’re harder to place anyway, and they don’t have those freakish weird heads kittens have.

    • Again, I think it’s a matter of misinterpretation. I read what I love over and over again- I have a massive stockpile of books, poems, lyrics, quotes and the like that I return to often for inspiration. Though it feels a little off-putting to be told to “remember to fill your cup or you’ll get dehydrated” as if I am not already fully aware of that. How in the world do you suppose I have wrenched out 78 straight poems if I didn’t already have some method for fighting off writers’ fatigue? I do it by reading what I like, not by feigning admiration or trying to learn from the “classic poets” that I don’t like.

      • Definitely misinterpreted then… I was wondering that myself, and I know we talk about books all the time, plus you’ve turned me on to some great music. I guess the best I can say is, keep sampling here and there, and maybe you’ll find something you like or a new form/ style/ construct you can use. Maybe. Don’t force anything, though, and, well, whatever you’re doing you’re doing right. I just wanted to share the method that works for me (and the horrible agony I go through when I run dry…)

  2. Not much of a rebuttal, started well and fizzled(chickened out), but at least there were some allusions. Here’s what I thought after reading your recent post: You’re arrogant and vain(which is okay), but you displayed shameless contempt toward your readers – you follow(to get readers!) but you don’t read their/ our pitiful attempts, obviously, because if the greats are not worthy of your precious time, why should bloggers be!

    • See, I had a feeling that’s what the general consensus was, and perhaps I need to correct it, perhaps I don’t. When I said I don’t read poetry/I read bad poetry, those statements were completely outside the blogging realm. I still consider myself relatively new to blogging and whether I read the works of other bloggers on this site depends entirely on how much free time I have that day (which usually isn’t much but I DO make the attempt.) Something bothers me about the assumption that when someone talks about reading, “she must be referring to my blog!” No, I was referring to the many poetry anthologies that I only leaf through to find my favorites, rather than scour through to find greatness in things that don’t immediately catch my fancy. I don’t have that much time.

      • I can’t know what you truly meant to say, CC, I can only say what it sounded like( I don’t read other people’s stuff). Every post, whether intended or not, is an interaction with readers(all readers) – you write well, beautiful even, your readers will treasure a visit from you; your misstatement cast doubt on that happening.

  3. I’m going to have to defend CC a bit here – I didn’t take offense in the slightest from her recent post. I really just think it was a post of honesty – things that a lot of us do, and are doing – buy maybe won’t admit to it out loud. I also don’t have time to read very many other blogger’s work, but I suppose I still wish they read mine, which I know is hypocritical too. It is true, that whenever a fellow blogger does visit my site and comments, or replies to my comments – it does make me happy, and I immediately head over to their site and check it out. But, I don’t think we should be expected to. We all have busy lives, and are probably busy writing what we should be writing. I also don’t read poetry – aside from some recent bloggers who I’ve only now discovered since starting a blog myself. I have written hundreds, if not thousands of poems, that I’ve only just now begun to reveal publicly – but I am not in the least offended if someone doesn’t read them. Or if someone chooses to rate them as bad, that’s only one person’s opinion, and that still doesn’t change the value of that poem to myself, and the pain that probably drove me to write it. I only do this for myself, and anyone else who has the time or desire to read what I write, not to gain views by some blogger put up in a pedestal in my mind. If we only ever follow other people to be followed back, if we only ever read someone else’s work, in return for our own being read, then that is sad. But it’s probably the truth at times too.

    • Thanks for the support, though all of it is in good fun. I highly doubt anyone cares what I say as long as I keep rolling out good poetry. That’s where most of my focus is, anyway. I’m not running for “Nicest Blogger of the Year”, I’m just putting out there what’s true for me.

      • Ha ha – I totally agree πŸ™‚ And it is in good fun – you’re right. I’m just the type of person who appreciates honesty, even if it’s uncomfortable at times. Just keep doing what you do, girl πŸ™‚

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