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Day 86 – Cliché

The fire is dwindling
and the river’s dammed,
the well is dry
and I’m tired.

My sword- my pen-
the worlds and my friends
in books have abandoned me.

Like time itself has stopped,
like I could see it in my sleep,
with the heat of a thousand suns
I stand alone.

I am nothing
I am everything
I am here
I am there
I am murder
I am justice
I am me.

One day you’ll all see.


6 thoughts on “Day 86 – Cliché

  1. I’m still here! And I like your writing, that’s why I visit your site… I know things will improve. You’re just in a slump… We all get them. We are all alone within these shells. True! Good point! You have friends and people who learn to love you. I hope these poems are to comprise a book. Yes?

  2. Ah, but I do see; the real you in your words which are more you than your picture. – Thank you so much for following me on writingiam.wordpress.com. – Thank you and Aloha – pjs.

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