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Day 95 – Leavin’ Times

Never been held down, but done had enough;
there comes a time for every brave-face girl
to be leavin’.

It ain’t for the world and its shanty towns,
seaside resorts and skyscrapers to see
what a muscle at work can do,
but they’ll be watchin’ anyway,
and they might well catch a glimpse.

Oh, the sands for safety are falling hard,
too dwindling to pay them mind,
on a throbbing head whose cautious thoughts
and generous hands have already flung its gifts
along the useless shore.

What more could she waste
when there’s nothing gone wrong?
Though it’s not reckless restlessness
keeps her lungs hot, it ain’t anything
worthy of frettin’ about-

just the call of leavin’ times
which most will tune out,
though some fiery children,
their hair in the wind,
will follow ’til dusk’s uprising.


5 thoughts on “Day 95 – Leavin’ Times

  1. First let me say, whether or not this idea of 365 poems a day is your or not, it is a great task you’ve undertook and I’m truly inspired. Secondly, I have just read your last three posts and I am completely liberated by your language and your vision and the outright quality of your work. And I truly mean liberated. Lastly, I simply wanted to say thanks for following Underwater Basements because I never would’ve found your poetry had you not. I look forward to the days to come.

    • Ah, I wish too much spare time was the case! Most of my poems take up my lunch break or keep me shut in my room at night mumbling while my poor roommate wonders what’s wrong with me 😉 But it’s a worthwhile sacrifice, to me, if people such as yourself think they’re enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

  2. so beautiful. your words really strike a chord with the thoughts i have and the way i write – down to earth, and other-worldly.

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