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Day 98 – Don’t Say Goodbye

Sometimes there’s no one to say goodbye to,
only all these people who will suddenly become insulted
when they find out you’re gone.

You wish you found them hard to leave.

But you’ve never really been there at all,
all this time;
your mind’s been away and they never noticed.

And they’ll beg you to stay in their backhand ways,
tell you it’s not safe or they’ll miss you but
you’ll see the things you’ll have to ignore:

fake jealous smiles, checking their watches,
swapping out your seat at the tables of their minds-

next Christmas, if you come back,
they’ll say it’s been a long time
but it hasn’t been that long.

And if you never come back
the hell that would break loose
will only be in your mind.

They won’t notice, really.

Don’t bother saying goodbye,
when you know it’s time to go.

You’re not leaving for them.


3 thoughts on “Day 98 – Don’t Say Goodbye

  1. damn girl, you said exactly what i feel much of the time – alone among a crowd, especially of those who are supposed to know me well. feeling out of place where i should feel i belong. very good. i wonder why your stuff is not coming through my reader??

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