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Day 101 – Solomon’s Kids

When Dad answered right and struck it rich with God
we thought we’d be in for it easy.
We figured he’d be neat to have around in a pinch
and we’d all get a taste of the pie.

But Dad shriveled up the day it entered his brain,
all that smart stuff we couldn’t imagine,
and though we tried to get him to spread the wealth
he kept pointing us blindly ahead.

The staggering weight of his mind aged him quickly
as our thirst for a share in it grew,
’til one day our angel friend made us a deal
we just had to get Dad to accept:

we’d take his wrinkles, give him part of our youth
in return for some of his knowledge;
we’d take his burdens and let him be carefree
while our angel friend grinned from above.

But Dad wouldn’t do it, he steadfastly refused-
what he knew was beyond our guess-
and our father, that stubborn old fountain of wisdom
took every last ounce to his grave.


4 thoughts on “Day 101 – Solomon’s Kids

  1. well, well, well, how do you do it?! such courage to continue on to day 101 after the bloodletting of day 100!! nice piece because the parental relation and the connection to solomon is easily related to (tsk, tsk, tsk…) by most of your readers (you know, “them”), and it leaves a strong element of mystery, where i want to know more about it. hopefully, it will be revealed in future posts (oops, i almost said “poems”)

  2. Charlotte, I was totally unaware that there was a formal 365 day challenge when I began mine in 2014. Live and learn. Then again not much is new these days. Glad to meet fellow traveler who walks around with words dangling in front of them. keep up the good work.

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