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Day 107 – Cheap Knock-Offs

Walgreens on Christmas Eve:
the shelves are skimp with lag-eyed dolls
half-hearted pogo sticks
and yesterday’s pop star merchandise;
the aisles are stocked with frantic ashen
relatives grabbing morose additions
to an ever-growing stockpile, cashed in for fleeting smiles.
Up to a certain age, Walgreens supplies all needs,
up to the age of differentiation, the age when it matters,
but here on the eve of havoc and all the nights before,
this stuff’ll do.


8 thoughts on “Day 107 – Cheap Knock-Offs

  1. I almost like your new poem. (I rounded up when I clicked ‘like.’) It’s good, but I think you should definitely flesh it out a little more. You show the idea but I didn’t feel like you did much more than that. Maybe make it a little more personal.

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