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Day 110 – A Time for Madness

Perhaps when the plank is stuck out at our feet
and we can choose to fold or drown,
though the seas be fraught with howling peril,
there comes a time for diving-
there comes a time for madness.

Perhaps when they stick their swords to our backs
daring us to retreat to their slavery,
though all the future is thrashing blue disaster,
there comes a time for madness-
there comes a time for hope.


5 thoughts on “Day 110 – A Time for Madness

  1. It’s the end of another year, and respects need to be shown. This post is a little delayed, but it had to be reciprocated. It may even be my last notifications. (This process is a pain…) Here’s my nomination for your The Innovative Blogger Award, which was initiated by Don Charisma. http://thinaby.com/2013/12/28/the-inventive-bloggers/

    Keep up the great writing! If I can speak on behalf of the followers, we can’t wait to read next year.


    – Christopher

  2. What I found particularly refreshing in this poem is how madness is translated into hope. It reminds me of the little glimmer of light at the end of every dark tunnel. Faint, but possible to reach.
    Thank you for sharing your work and for visiting my blog. x

  3. Charlotte, your writing is magnificent. I came here to personally thank you for following Petals Unfolding. I am honored and very touched. I am pushing your follow button. 🙂 I Love to read!

    Lady Pinkrose (Amy)

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