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Day 113 – With the Sun Shining Behind Them

Before you skip town, take your friends to the beach.

When you pick up your last box full of mail, do it in the early morning.

If you must jump a train, be sure to get on before dawn,

so the sun will bless your goodbyes.

So when the trees and tops of buildings are rolling away,

outlined in gold,

you’ll remember them best

the way they seldom or never were while you were there.

So when you’re freezing and you think it’s all the same dust

everywhere, that everybody turns out the same,

just like those old friends you had,

you’ll remember them best

with the sun shining behind them.


One thought on “Day 113 – With the Sun Shining Behind Them

  1. Hello Miss,
    I’m sorry for the intrusion. I hope I’m not over-stepping my boundaries, but I’ve been reading your words for months now and finally decided to comment early on New Year’s Morn. I must have written and deleted hundreds of posts from my own site. I simply wanted you to know that I think you’re brave for hanging your heart out on a line for others to poke and prod. I think perhaps sometimes I should have left many of my posts up for future reference. I’m sorry to say that I usually delete everything I ever write, never again to remember. I’ve no exemplary talents in anything particular. I guess you could say I’m a dabbler, I know odd bits and pieces about many things. I know that I appreciate your words and the heart they come from.
    Kindest Thoughts

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