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Day 124 – The End

At first you were over my head but
I needed to read you.
I plowed through endless new vocabulary,
dictionary in hand,
faithful to an urge to discover
what you were about.

I began to perceive your patterns,
your themes revealed themselves and slowly changed
from greens to browns but
I needed to read you,
so I kept going.

I turned your pages slowly,
careful not to miss the lessons of truth
that must surely be contained within.

And I found them-
in me.

For you were a novel in progress,
addressing itself, directionless-
one that I needed to read
so I would know what to write.

And somewhere past the middle, I guess,
after the conflict-ridden heart of it,
I  knew how the story would end:

it ends when I close the book despite
curiosity, despite promise of a better reward
for time invested learning you, learning me-
it ends when I don’t need to read you


4 thoughts on “Day 124 – The End

  1. Charlotte: Really enjoyed reading some of your poetry today. Writing it is not easy all the time!

    Wanted to thank you for following me over at fvbf, I write poetry and “stuff” and it must be the poetry that you followed for. 🙂

    Keep it up, 365 will be here quicker than you may think!

    –Donna (a.k.a. Faye)

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