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Day 134 – Hope

It’s melting away, the warm sweat bathing temples like forgiveness,
it’s all golden light and triumphant crescendos,
the end of night.
It’s swelling and bursting, this joy animate,
looking down at my hands and seeing a miracle.
It’s mirrors all around and living beautifully,
drawing it in and feeling it coming soon,
willing it and knowing.
It’s one last breath, a few last tears,
a renewed pledge to fight, to deserve the future,
to welcome a dawn which isn’t guaranteed.
It’s soaking in the love that there is,
skinning down to vulnerability and counting ten,
to jump and keep rising, to be present and alive,
aware and unafraid and so special.
It’s the moment of ownership, when you know
it’s real and it’s almost yours, if you can stand it,
if your bones can hold out just a little bit longer,
when you feel the sunshine like a secret omen
and use it as a weapon.
It’s breaking in half and again and bleeding out
and finding you’re not dead;
it’s a second chance at light and another go of it,
to forget and to understand and to smile,
to live again.
It’s the love we accept, it’s love-
it’s love, it’s love, it’s love.


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