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Day 136 – Eyeing Up the Moon

I shrunk him,
and I put him in a coke-bottle full of smoke
in my pocket
and kept right on down the beach.

I wore my sunglasses at night to look again
and go figure:
it’s hard to see with blinders on.
It’s hard to walk with clunky things in your pockets.

(The shore offers up
all kinds of precious things
but sometimes all we do is make tracks.)

Rubies look like rocks in the dark,
in the dark when you don’t want to see,

and the sand underfoot is of little concern
with your pants already full of glass,

but one pointy shell can knock you flat,
break your bottle and make you wish
you weren’t always eyeing up the moon.


5 thoughts on “Day 136 – Eyeing Up the Moon

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Charlotte Cuevas has done it again (she does it every day actually with her 365 Day Poetry Challenge) – The juxtaposition of whimsy and weight with her imagery bring home a universal truth I wanted to share with you all.

  2. I am so in awe of poets and their ability to distill things down to their bare essentials (as you have done so admirably here). I am so prosaic it makes me sick. Thanks for another bit of beauty . . . like a found ruby on the sand.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! There is a place and a need for poetry and prose alike; sometimes complicated things can be broken down in simpler terms, and sometimes simple things are worthy of far more description. Funny how it works that way 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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