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Day 138 – If You’re Gonna Be Lonely, Don’t Be Stupid, Too

If you’re gonna be lonely, don’t be stupid, too.
Don’t be selfish and mope.

If you have to be alone or you want to be alone,
don’t waste it on being depressed.

Don’t sit in your filth
and scowl as hours dance
and wait for somebody to be sorry.

Don’t throw up your hands
and shake your head as others try,
as if you’re so wise not to bother.

Don’t open your mouth to sing
unless you got some words of hope
because nobody wants to hear you.

When you’re lonely, raise hell
beat the drums, rejoice
that you got so much livin’ to do
and then do it.

When you hit the bottom,
grab a shovel,
find some oil since
you’re down there anyway.

‘Cause you’re right-
there’s not too much love out there-
but if there were
there’d be no reason to search.

And as long as you’re gonna be stupid,
you’re gonna be lonely, too.


48 thoughts on “Day 138 – If You’re Gonna Be Lonely, Don’t Be Stupid, Too

  1. This is a wonderful, blunt response to all of the sad-and-lonely (or should I say stupid-and-lonely) people out in the world who take privacy for granted. Being alone is a freedom that should not be spoiled with self-pity. It is an escape to express our individuality and mine the depths of ourselves, and your poem captures all of this brilliantly. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Are you spying on me? I cleaned my kitchen this morning and the rest of the house is on the way. It’s not sadness, just lack of care, but this is that little slap I needed. My only problem is I need it about once a week or so. Thank You! It is also a great poem.

  5. I love this poem. I love the sharp, stern humour of it, and the images it conjures up! πŸ™‚ they could be lyrics to a song, this poem.
    This challenge was a great idea, and a rather daunting one, no? I am finding it challenging enough to write about one thing I am genuinely grateful for each day, let alone a poem a day! *waves pompoms for you*

  6. “When you’re lonely, raise hell
    beat the drums, rejoice
    that you got so much livin’ to do
    and then do it.”

    I LOVE this!! Thanks for visiting and following Word Share Junkie. I am flattered. =)

  7. Charlotte, I do apologize, I am not into poetry (well I am working my way towards it as we speak), so I read your poem as I would a short story, or the jacket cover, and found I was drawn to it. The truths are those I have lived my entire life with, not spelled with this flare, but the foundation is there. Thank you, also thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of my recent posts, I hope you find other reasons to stop and visit. Take care, Bill

  8. Your poem is like a gentle karate chop, designed to loosen the soil within…the soil way down near the oil! Thanks for following The Bible Through the Seasons!

  9. H! Yes after being Married to my FIRST love for 59 years–yes every now and then for just a few hours–stupid–yes for almost 9 years–and still going strong–stupid–wrote two books, a bunch of poems, Art maybe 101, writing 101, entertaining dinners, once or twice a week–from four to 12 people, church, listen, prayers, and letters of support– Your voice of words–how true about life and sweet they are.

  10. That was like a slap in my face. When I am lonely I am depressed too. Now I will ‘look for oil’ when I am in the depths. Thanks for this lovely poem. Thank you for following my blog, because it helped me find yours.

  11. You are good. Yes, you are a poet and a writer! I really enjoyed this twist on solitude. I love mine, try to make the most of it. So much writing and imagining to do! Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

  12. Love love love… I used to not know how to be alone because I married young and had a subsequent long-term relationship after my divorce. 18 years of always being at someone else’s beck n’ call (not including the “I must please everybody” days of youth) has long-term effects on a person’s ability to engage in self-companionship. It wasn’t until after I made the choice to go it alone that I learned the value of solitude. More importantly, I found a depth of peace beyond the longing that brought about the realization that I have been far more lonely in the presence of others than I’ve ever been on my own.

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