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Day 141 – Soul

Listen and I’ll give you today,
the long, drawn breath it has been.
The paralysis keeps my hands at my sides,
running for life and speaking easy,
but I would not sing a true note
for anyone but you.

Watch and I’ll show you tomorrow, there I am-
I’m opening the window, throwing
all the right-foot socks out,
all the left-foot shoes,
all the books.

I’m painting a mural on the bathroom mirror
of smeared violence,
but smashing it anyway
‘cuz I’d never paint true at all
if it were anyone but you.

That crazed tomorrow will not come, I know,
like you might not ever come, yeah I know,
but I hold steady in the tempests
because if you’re listening, I’m doing the telling
for nobody but you.


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