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Day 145 – There Must Be Thrashing

There must be hair flying,
fists pounding,
temper tantrums spiraling
mad and madder
to the depths
before anything gets done.

There must be spitting ire,
wild opposition
to anything told, all commanded;
things presumed and things implied.

In the early years of wisdom
nothing can be correct.
There must be thrashing against all tides-
rebellion in the water-
to be “prudent” or “crazed”
must not be borne,
for one must have both
and none.

It is only after the flailing slows,
the ache of immobility surrenders,
that a life should find its lifeless end,
finally choose its calm residence
wherever on the seabed it settles.


3 thoughts on “Day 145 – There Must Be Thrashing

  1. Thank you Charlotte for visiting and following my amateur blog. I have seen several writers recommending to write a 500 words every day irrespective of whether they come out good, bad or ugly. But your attempt of penning a poem every single day, that too with so much of depth, sense and lucidity is sure an adventure. I am sure as a pro in this skill, you must taking a joyful ride in your journey. Wish you an awesome 2014 with 365 gems in your pocket to share with the world. By the way, you have inspired me. Check this link out too see how a couple phrases, I copied without your consent, turned out to be the beginning of a new poem. Thanks again and please give my errors in writing a direction in your free time.

    • Hi Anand 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by- yes, it’s quite a challenge I’ve undertaken but I’m enjoying it as best as I can, growing through the struggle. Also, it’s quite an honor to inspire others to use my words in new, unique ways, one that will never grow less humbling to me, so thank you!

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