Home » Poetry » Day 146 – Red Couch

Day 146 – Red Couch

5am lambs in an empty shop
Curled up on drowsy velvet
Feet up, books bobbing
To the cadence of our lungs
A rare quiet weekend relief

We find grounds to stay a bit more
‘Cause there’s finally no talkers here
And we’ve bought enough coffee
To ensure us our peace-
If we sleep, it’ll be no harm done.

The box near the ceiling drips songs
We would mock if we had but the voice
To disrupt the sweet silence,
The renewal we seek
From a night of fast friends in slow times

For we know there’s a world and it’s cold
But it’s warmer in here, on this couch
Where the calm is not broken
By the things which we lack
‘Cause a friend in the stillness is enough


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