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Day 149 – Dauntless Daughter

Dauntless daughter, don’t the whites of the eyes
of your friends mean anything to you?

Rise early, shower quickly, instant coffee.

When they’re gaping like fish about another pursuit
which diverts you from all of the fun?

Strict schedule, poem at lunch, meetings, plans.

Do you know they say that you’re out of your mind,
that you’re wearing yourself to the ground?

6:00 traffic, feed the cat, writing time,
dinner and precisely one hour to read,
bed early, repeat.

Does it bother you to think they’re right to gawk
at your relentlessly structured climb?


Do you think you’re missing out on livelier scenes,
killing yourself, slaving away?


Dauntless daughter, do you think they’ll ever know
your secret triumphs, when you’ve gone?


12 thoughts on “Day 149 – Dauntless Daughter

  1. This reallt reminded me of when I was working in a corporate call centre, selling spare parts and writing at least one poem a day, filling notebook after notebook. And isn’t it always a writer’s big fear? That no-one will know what they have accomplished when they’re gone…or if they meet an untimely demise? It’s definitely one of mine, aside from not finishing my current novel. Anyway, in short, I’ve lived this poem and I’m sure many other writers have too. A great piece and its brevity makes it all the more impressive.

    • It’s definitely a poem that will resonate with creative types, especially writers. It’s something I struggle with. However, if I think of the last line in a more hopeful way, if I think about “secret triumphs” as all the wonder and excitement I’ve found in the quiet times when I’ve pushed myself and wondered if anybody else could ever know how good it felt… if I think about that, it really doesn’t matter if anybody else ever knows, y’know? And the parties and social gatherings I’m missing out on could never begin to eclipse that feeling.

      • Wow. I hadn’t seen the secret triumph aspect while reading the poem,but am very glad you mentioned it. And Yes,definitely. All those times when you push yourself you just know *know* what you have accomplished and yes,
        all the missed social gatherings etc can’t compete with that feeling. 🙂

  2. Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for your attention to my blog!

    You’ve really got it going here and I say, “Go for It!” In order to produce at this level, you have to look at the minutia of life and create a place where you can harvest the best grains from a whole bunch of chaff.

    Looks like you are doing just fine so far, and I’m going to follow too to watch and learn…..John H.

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