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Day 151 – Auto Shop Coffee

Do they put motor oil in it?
My God;
or is it impatience
that deadens the taste?

Waiting rooms with big fish tanks,
big fish,
and cold hard plastic chairs
have me mesmerized in speckled linoleum
wishing I were dead,

but the impending sentence,
at least,
is borne to me with free radiator sludge,
siphoned through a straw
to my nerves which don’t need it,
my tongue which doesn’t want it,

though my hands are glad for an alternative
to strangling.


5 thoughts on “Day 151 – Auto Shop Coffee

  1. I love this! It was a treat to read! Love your words and clever ways 🙂
    “siphoned through a straw” has to be my favorite line ><

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