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Day 160 – To Throw ‘Em A Bone

They weren’t ready for me,
but I’m not sorry.

“C’mon, throw my friend a bone.”

(alarm bells, buzzers, ring-a-ding-ding)

I said, “hold on, hold on,
hold on.”

(the girls were rolling their eyes
and turned around and they knew)

The diatribe might’ve been undeserved
but it wasn’t.

And I wanted to know.

“What kind of bone shall I throw him?”


“Shall I hold his wiener on the dance floor,
or will my number suffice?”

Those faces should’ve signaled the pity response
but a train doesn’t stop for much.

“Is your friend the sort of man who wants pity?”
“Would he accept some cheap boon of sympathy?”
“Shall I go home with him because he’s alone?”

(Two murderous gazes held steady,
and for what?)

(For desperate trying fools, that’s what)

I could’ve kept at it all night.

And they said wouldn’t I take a bone if it was offered to me
and I said I don’t play the lotto
and anyways no one was offering.

(the girls were getting annoyed)

(I was not, in fact, getting annoyed)

“Tell me, why should I throw you a bone,
and why should you want me to?”

But they were shooed away too soon
because I really

just wanted to know.


7 thoughts on “Day 160 – To Throw ‘Em A Bone

  1. You’re one of my favorite poets! And I think a 365 Poetry Project is a really clever idea! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s poem 🙂

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