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Day 162 – Youth Community

If I came to your shows would you read my stories,
if I bought your art would you buy my chapbook?
If I scratched your back
would you step out of your world
and scratch mine?

Are we all just shoving money between each other
so we can spend it to buy more product
to sell our friends,
or do some of us believe that we’re successful
if we can let all of our friends inside
for free?

Do we actually think our shit is worth the money
or do we just not wanna work as hard no more?

And who’s to say which one of us has talent
when we’re all just such good bosom-buddy pals?

I guess we all need eyes and ears to feed us,
but I don’t really mind, not really-
my friends don’t read or listen
because I don’t bother going to their shows.


13 thoughts on “Day 162 – Youth Community

  1. We often stretch ourselves because of a friend. We grow. They appreciate. We become better friends. They support, we appreciate. The circle widens. Life becomes grayer, and not so black and white. đŸ™‚

  2. Very few of my friends watch my videos I make for my goofy songs I write. I’m sure as I develop my blog, none of them will read it. Not even sure why I do any of it, besides I have fun doing it. And I stopped going to local shows a long time ago, friend or no friend.

  3. Oops … sound like the bird of bitterness flew over … I think it must be incredibly challenging to write poetry when there are so many others doing the same and so much gumph to have to wade through. Hang in there, Charlotte.

    • I find the bird of bitterness to be a very helpful creature for saying uncomfortable things which need to be said. That’s not to say that I actually am a bitter person, only that the tone more accurately conveys the message.
      Thanks for reading đŸ™‚

      • And that is very honourable! – to actually say the words that must be said. Just think what the world would be like if everyone did. Sighh …

  4. An incredibly complex concept boiled down to a handful of words. That’s not just a boiler plate description if poetry, but also this particular poem. I think any working artist can relate. Excellently done.

  5. Charlotte, I have just recently fallen upon your work and am totally captivated. This work is so well penned. Could we spend all our time frequenting what we feel we are supposed to, would we find the time to write? Beautiful write. I look forward to reading much more.

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