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Day 163 – Towards That End

For a dream of freedom,
a mountaintop,
an endless expanse of sky;

to hold in my hands
the sweat of my brow,
the fruit of my unwavering labor;

to see realized the things
to which importance was granted
by the weathering a way to my soul,

that dormant seed which,
pressurized, had to struggle up
to be known and named;

to push and find the very limit
of ability, of understanding,
of potential,
and find ever that there is still more,
ever still more to me-

what would I withhold,
what should I not relinquish?

What trifle of ease or content
would be enough
to extinguish a hope which burns,
its loss to only bring
more silence than death,

and what unrest should smother its flame?

As though it had broken me,
let it be endorsed
that I shall pass away
in absence of paltry comforts,

in pursuit of a red horizon
and everything
flung towards that end.


5 thoughts on “Day 163 – Towards That End

  1. I love that you are writing a new poem for every day! I just finished writing a book of 365 inspirational thoughts 🙂 I see we are on the same wavelength! 🙂 Love your work.

  2. Your attempt reminds me of power of continuous creation..Though I can’t fully catch the meaning of English poetry as I’m not a native speaker(Humor and poetry are most advanced area of language usage I think…!), I can feel it. I’m also following your journey 😀

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