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Day 171 – Submission

Terrible, beastly nuisance it is,
learning how to submit,

to hand somebody bigger
the keys
and let them decide
where you’re going.

I’ve got a hundred
grand ideas
about roads and roads
and all of them right

but for permission

God, the red tape.

It’s a world of waiting around
I can’t stand,
a world of straight lines
to get anywhere
and somebody else
always drives.

And they will politely
let me know
whether my submission is deemed
and I must kiss the hands that give,
the hands that turn the wheel.

And when I am gone
will they mock what I did
to get where I wanted to go?

Or is it just me
in the passenger’s seat,
grumbling out the window,

scheming a heist but dejectedly
riding to the end of the line?


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