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Day 178 – No Cheating And No Haiku

On day one I said,
“Gotta do this the hard way,
gotta hunker down.

One poem a day,
three hundred and sixty-five-
a disciplined year.

And they must be good!
No cheating and no haiku,
no easy way out.”

By day ten or so,
man, I was dragging my feet,
puttering out fast.

“This sucks and it’s hard,”
I groaned and searched for loopholes,
and found precious none.

Those first days were tough
but I’m a fighter, y’know,
and soon found my stride:

poems of all kinds-
but no cheating, no haiku-
I managed somehow.

By half the way through
poetry night came around-
a chance to recite,

to show off my stuff,
to share my poetry goal
to an intrigued crowd.

And what should they say,
what should I hear from the mass
from the host in back?

His joking advice,
“Don’t cheat by using haiku!”
I just stood and grinned.

“No sir, none of that,
one hundred thirty-six days
and not one haiku.”

Not one haiku yet
I’m pleased as punch to report,
not one haiku yet.


10 thoughts on “Day 178 – No Cheating And No Haiku

  1. I must say, your no haiku poem was quite awesome. If you’re still pursuing your early goal of writing a poem I won’t like, you failed spectacularly.

  2. Nice!

    I borrowed your 365 day challenge for my own purposes. I’ve never read poetry, much less thought I could write it. But I am trying to become a better song writer, and lyrics are always a challenge for me. After discovering your blog, I thought I’d give it a try and see where it takes me. The idea is maybe if I try and write something everyday then maybe it’ll be a little easier for to write song lyrics when I need to. I’m only five days in, so it’s a bit early to make any assessments.

  3. Took me a minute to catch on there. Nice!
    I personally find haiku very challenging when youre trying to express something that means so much to me in so few words. You’ll notice (even in this comment) i struggle to say what i want to say in few words. Always a paragraph, at least, to answer every question. But i’ve come to find that sometimes the poems that have the most to say are haiku.


  4. I love the feel of your blog! I’ve always loved reading and writing poetry, but just lately have I started sharing my own work on my blog. It isn’t an easy thing to do…both writing and sharing! So good for you to embark on this journey and to keep with it…without cheating. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more.

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