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Day 181 – Cotton-Eyed Joe

“Kids, you’re a pit stop” I say to myself
but that doesn’t stop the tears from falling,
nonchalantly sliding between my smiling lips
to Cotton-Eyed Joe on Saturday.
I know they’ll beat longer than I will
and they already dance better, too.
I got math on them and a paper on the wall
and a two-year plan to leave them
if they don’t leave me first.
But we’re all here, the gang’s all here.
They ask me for help with the popcorn machine
and I paint my old lives on the sidewalk
before they run off to tell their moms
and I have no idea what any of them does
on the weekends. But we’re here.
I love them all like they’ll never know,
like I know we’re all going to die,
clapping like the sound could keep oblivion at bay,
watery cowboy hats swirling ’round
as they never will again.


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