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Day 183 – The Halfway Point

All hail the halfway point,
proud island of a wearisome journey,
blessed peak of respite to mark
a job well-done and more to come,

a downhill descent from here!

A day to reminisce
on sweet beginnings, naive hunger,
for tallying up the steps taken
and the lessons learned with each,

a day to commemorate what once was
and what has now become,
what fresh soft longings
have hardened into sharper,
penetrating skill,
what precious, unassuming attempts
will never be again

and to herald what lies ahead-

for who knows what stirrings,
what evolutions have emerged
in the course of half a year
in the depths of a soul’s wisdom,
and who will recognize its ever-changing shape
for double the stretch?

Who knew a young frustrated girl
and who knows the woman now,
who by speaking has learned silence,
who by thinking has learned thinking well?

And who will know the master
she will give her life to be,
who’ll one day look upon this day
as that she ponders now?


4 thoughts on “Day 183 – The Halfway Point

  1. I’ve tried not to think about it too much or it might get discouraging, but honestly it’s become so much of a habit for me now that I’ll probably keep going, regardless. Someone contacted me recently to offer encouragement and said that he had done a poem a day for ten years straight! I’m very dedicated to bettering my skill, so I’ll probably never stop writing, although I do have an interest in short stories as well, so maybe the next project will involve that… time will tell!

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