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Day 186 – A Wonky Day

A wonky day starts with a good dream,
a dream which is ill-deserved:

one universe beyond belief
sliding seamlessly into the next
without even the courtesy
of erasing its tracks, its proof,

a cool river running down
a tunnel of warm guts.

It isn’t true
and it isn’t fair.

A zombie stands in the bathroom mirror
mumbling the correspondence
between Tom and Ground Control,
a morning numbed by too much good
which was ill-deserved,

A dentist steadily rubs on sugar,
grinds it into cavities and down throats
metering out his punishments
which were ill-deserved
while the radio plays.

Planet Earth is blue,
and there’s nothing I can do…


3 thoughts on “Day 186 – A Wonky Day

  1. I like this – it is thought provoking and fun – love the word wonky!
    Thank you for the follow on my blog…here is to you seeing your project through – it is quite a discipline to writing everyday…for me I only get to it once a week but that will soon change …hopefully. 😉

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