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Day 192 – Human

What were you learning all that time,
in the dark with your books and your pain?

What have you to show for your years tucked away
filling ink-bottles with self-loathing tears?

Did you photograph the lashes on your aging back
to know the world or for the world to pity?

And did you produce a single shred of good work,
after all, between peanuts and beer?

What was it all worth, your blank degree
in selfishness, madness, regret,

for it has not earned you a feeling heart,
has not taught you to be human yet-

but you are going to grow old,
and you’re going to die,
and you’re going to leave nothing behind,

lowered far down with the worms at last,
unknown to a soul but the wildflowers above
growing up, up, from your decay.


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