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Back From Atlanta!

The backstory, all you need to know, is that I live in Orlando, Florida and I hate it. I hate flat lands and I hate palm trees and I hate the constant heat and lack of snow and tourists and beach towns and so on. Also, I have an ever-present travel itch that has yet to be remedied. So for Spring Break I took a mini-vacation in Atlanta, Georgia- hopped a Greyhound bus in the middle of the night to spend three days with my good writer pal CJ, hiking and driving and wandering and eating awesome food (soul food pizza!) and writing and reading and chatting. I always like having friends with whom I can sit in a room and read an entire book in a few hours without saying a word, as well as explore new places and get into all kinds of trouble.

Atlanta is amazing- simply gorgeous. I feel bored in small towns and suffocated in big cities but Atlanta really is the best of both worlds. The Midtown and Downtown areas are a bustling metropolis of city life, while literally just around every corner are rows of Dogwood and Cherry Blossom trees, bubbling brooks, and city parks galore. There’s a hipster sector with bad-ass little cafes, bars, and coffee shops, as well as that grungy, dirty city feel, complete with tons of awesome graffiti.

I’ve never really felt at home anywhere, but if there’s any city at the tip-top of my “move here in the near future” list, it’s Atlanta.


12 thoughts on “Back From Atlanta!

  1. Believe it or not, I had as much fun showing you around as you did exploring. It’s always good to see my city through new eyes. And I’ve really REALLY missed having a reading buddy. When did you say you were moving up here?

  2. These phtographs are lovely! I used to live in Naples and our family took a roadtrip to Atlanta once and I remember saying, “I love the hills!” – my favorite thing about Atlanta. 😀

  3. I’m down in South Florida (born and raised and still stuck here). Those pictures of Atlanta are wonderful! I never knew how pretty that city is. Reminds me a bit of Seattle. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You and I should switch towns for a little while 😉 You come to the Maritimes, and I’ll go to Florida haha. Although I do agree with you on the constant hot weather. It’s nice once in awhile but would get old very fast. One of my favorite things about Canada is getting to experience all four seasons in their full blown potential. 30c summers and -30c winters. Although right now I am about ready for the snow to go away so I can pull out those shorts and lay in the grass 🙂

  5. I hear you about the flat land. I feel that way in Memphis. I’ve always loved Atlanta. It’s got a busy but friendly vibe. People who live there complain about transportation so I don’t know if I could live there, but I might entertain the idea if given a chance.

  6. & We want you back!! I’m in Atlanta and I’ve been here for a year and two months from jersey and I’m never going back up north 🙂 ! Glad you had a nice little escape from your norm.

  7. Charlotte, if you crave snow, you should join us here in Central Illinois. We have lived through the polar vortex and survived to tell the tale. :> How does forty below zero with a wind speed of 45-plus miles per hour sound? :>

  8. Gah! It snowed yesterday in Toronto, the lack of light and the cold is depressing. However, the sun is shinning through my bedroom window this morning, deceiving as it’s probably -10c 🙂

  9. What beautiful pictures of Atlanta! 🙂 I’ve lived here for 15 years, and I think it’s such a fun city with so many things to do. It does have its drawbacks like terrible traffic, high pollen, and pollution, but the good out weighs the bad. My family loves to visit your town of Orlando (we are BIG Disney nuts), but I don’t know if I could live somewhere that flat. I’m from the Ozark Mountains originally and just don’t feel right if I can’t see at least some mountains or hills.

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