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Day 196 – No Consolation

I never made anybody cry before
without meaning to.

I never saw anybody go from conversation
to weeping before I knew
what I was saying.

What I was saying was about how I couldn’t
make my parents proud,
could never top their expectations of me

because at the bottom of all my to-do lists
is the one that says “surprise them,”
the one that never gets checked

because I couldn’t fail, even for them.
They just knew I couldn’t do that.

But it’s no consolation to her
that whenever I hop a plane or a bus
they say “Bring us a postcard,” or
“If you move there just let us know first”
when I wish for once they’d say “Don’t go.”

And I never heard anybody say
“I wanna be like you”
because she thinks she does
and I never wanted to cry so much.

It’s no consolation to me.


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