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Day 197 – Say Please

All day barking into my eyeballs:
load paper into tray 1
plug phone into charger
enter password
install update
wash with like colors
stand clear of escalator-
efficiency never has to be polite.

Yet I must say
please do not touch me
please do not call me
please do not step on my feet
please turn in your homework
please can I just get some water,
I’m going to please die of please heatstroke

and please politicians and please public figures
and please please role models like me
pleasing each other, pleased to be pleased
and so pleased to appease, pleased to please

and if dehydration take me at last,
so reverently, so cordially I’ll go
without a fuss, without a mess
and without so much as a ‘thank you’
from efficiency.


7 thoughts on “Day 197 – Say Please

  1. Reads nicely, but I think the last two stanzas can be cut. The frustration comes through clearly enough in the action of the first two stanzas.

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