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Day 203 – To The Altar

I loved them all
and I love them still-
though not the same way-
every man I took to the altar.

Every face I saw clearly beaming,
their eyes on mine,
their eyes in my mind,
the joy radiating like I’d never seen,
never seen while they were here-
I wanted it for them,
and I want it still.

Every man I saw there,
placed to see how he’d look,
how he’d glow and throw light beams
to those all around
and direct the brightest one straight at me,
would pierce and break my heart
with its fullness,
every man I loved to see standing there,
making faces I’d hoped they could-
I’d hoped they could
and I hope so still,
though not the same way.

I love them better
for not meeting them there,
every man I left at the altar-
for the light I couldn’t give or
couldn’t help them keep,
I loved them all
and I love them still.


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