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Day 204 – The Fact That You’re Adorable

Listen here, guy-
the fact that you’re adorable
has nothing to do with it.

It has everything to do with
the fact that you stand
like a tree trunk
among young saplings,

that you’re rooted in earth
with your head in the sky
and I don’t know at all
what you are.

And around here I don’t
find too often a man
who confounds my penchant
for ten-minute

who dodges my volleys
with skill and ease,
who throws sticks
in my bicycle spokes.

I am made with the inability
to watch you get away
without knowing
how you did it.

But don’t think it’s because
you’re adorable,
or put me in with
your gaggle of fans-

I’m not such a one
to fall prey to blue eyes,
I am simply after
your brain.
I am grown over-curious
and that’s really all

but the fact that you’re adorable
certainly doesn’t hurt.


14 thoughts on “Day 204 – The Fact That You’re Adorable

  1. It’s a beautiful piece!

    Thanks for your follow! I got a chance a come across such mesmerizing writings… And a #365poetryproject? Outstanding effort! Have you like never missed a day? Just curious!

  2. as you once said you get all sorts of daily inspirations and happenings for the subjects of these poems. It’s like peering into your life (not in a creepy way) and it’s cool trying to guess what each day has brought you… so that we can work out what’s going in your life from your poem content πŸ™‚

    • That’s exactly right, it’s like my way of dropping bread crumbs. I used to keep a journal of my everyday doings but I like this way better because it’s more applicable to other people’s lives and not merely specific to mine. I try to pick out the things which happen to me and write them in such a way that everybody can relate πŸ™‚

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