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Day 206 – Pretty On The Hormones

You were pretty already, dear, don’t get me wrong-
but the hormones are working marvelously.

Your skin’s clearing up, you no longer have got
that pepperoni complexion I hardly noticed before
but now you’re an absolute china doll.

You don’t tend to get that dragon face anymore,
the one which looks like your babies are being threatened,
over the last piece of chocolate cake.

Things are less often my fault now, it seems,
and you’ve taken to needlework and baking-
gone are those hideous sneakers, you look
like a stewardess most of the time.

And darling, I’m not sure what kind of chemicals
they’ve got souping around in your brain
but you’re radiant now with some other-worldly glow,
literally beaming from your tighter pores
and I’m just a moth, just a helpless fool moth for you,
do just about any careless fool thing for you
because you’re so pretty on those hormones darling,

pretty, so pretty, so pretty.


9 thoughts on “Day 206 – Pretty On The Hormones

      • Writing teachers don’t know anything. They are the biggest voices of doubt in my head. “Too melodramatic. Too florid. Too symbolic.” Whatever. I think you’re a beautiful poet, Charlotte!

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