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Day 212 – Bikini Season

Ah, it’s upon us again-
that panicked time
when we shed our frumpy sweaters
and bare our pale, doughy skin
to the elements.

See here, a prime example:
a rare bookworm emergence
from a long winter’s gorging on words,
reluctantly to her castor oil-
the gym.

Yes, even the smarter set
know the unavoidable truth,
even the nerds and the rebels
have right away
begun to work on their tans.

They know enough not to fight it,
at least, though their grumbling be
plainly overheard
as moisturizers and toe rings
fly off the shelves
and the parking lot of Planet Fitness
fills up.

As we return to our bookworm,
what’s this? We see
she’s paused her treadmill
to converse with the man
in the t-shirt which reads
‘stay in school’
and it sounds like they’re
exchanging ideals:

He wants a girl with dem big
and she wants a guy with a massive
and oh, can it be?
They’ve exchanged numbers!
Our bookworm has scored a date!

And here we will leave
our sweaty lovebirds
with vague plans to meet at the beach
though not until their abs are presentable-
a few weeks of texting, at least.


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