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Day 215 – Small Celebrations

“I was potty-trained twenty-three years ago,
I think this calls for a drink!”

“And I have a new haircut!”
“Well I got a raise!”
“Hey, I didn’t commit suicide last night!”

If you really tried you could find enough excuses
to party every day of your life.

And hell, why not?

You don’t wanna be like
those martyrs who think
they have to earn everything
but never really do
because they’re never impressed
by themselves.

They check ‘give birth’ or
‘win the presidency’
off their to-do lists
and have half a martini
after sunrise yoga
the next day.

Nobody’s much impressed by them
because nobody likes to feel impressed
by those sorts of rigid people.

But you and me,
we could clap our backs
over checking the mailbox this week!
It’s got to be a record
how many fish sticks we ate-
confetti and drinks all around!

And we’ll invite the neighbors
who each will have done at least
four commendable things today
and no one will put our doings
on a scale and say
whose weigh more
or less.

Because if saving the world
will mean nothing anyway
and merely settling into it
is cause for small celebrations

wouldn’t you rather be nice and drunk
when it ends?


15 thoughts on “Day 215 – Small Celebrations

  1. At my age, each day I waken is a cause to celebrate! Plus, my dad used to say that the sun is over the yardarm somewhere, always.

    Even the prophet Isaiah put his stamp on it:
    Isaiah 22:13.

    So, cheers, bottoms up, or whatever comes to your mind.

    Fun observation. Try it in poesy, why not?

    Thanks for visiting my site, too, and for opting to follow my work. I’m away from the daily thing working on a play at the moment.

    As MacArthur said, “I’ll be back!” Or was that Schwartzenager?

  2. Sometimes I worry I am one of those rigid people, and then I think “NAH” and go have a drink with my friends.

    Lovely. And so, so true.

  3. 365 Days? That deserves a drink, just for attempting it! I’m just hoping I make it through the 30 days of April, and if I do, who knows how much longer I’ll go. 🙂 Good luck with the last 150 days, Charlotte. And yes, I would rather be nice and drunk when it ends!

  4. Holy shit. You are wonderful!!

    Also, when is your birthday? I totally want to look at your natal chart. I feel like ours are similar. (Maybe I’m crazy… But your mind freakishly kind of reminds me of mine.)

  5. You totally cracked me up with your rant on prompts and the NaPoWriMo. It was my wife who PROMPTED me to start sharing my poetry on that thing….didn’t know doodley squat about it and asked, What does this mean this prompt thing….is that mandatory or what??? Hhahahaha!

  6. I loved this one! Why the hell not just go get drunk! Cheers!

    You’ve got something special going on. Keep letting it out! We’re lovin’ it!

    …and thank you for the ‘follow’, right back atcha!

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