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Day 216 – Sincerely

A woman who’s not ready to die

I sign it this way so you’ll know I mean it

A woman who wants to live

They tell me you’re coming to get me soon
But I hope that you’ll never find me
Because I know what you’ll do to me

Please don’t look for me

A woman who wants to stay lost

I’ve spent a lifetime building my world
And I don’t want to leave it yet-
There are still so many things left
For me to do

And you’d take it all away, I know,
The absolute ruin of my everything,
Thief of freedom, canceler of chances
Soft-spoken bearer of murderous news

Dear future husband,
Don’t look for me

Your future dead wife


4 thoughts on “Day 216 – Sincerely

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  2. I really like a lot of your work!

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    Everything is a Construction / Buildings can be Broken,


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