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Day 218 – Okay Ramblers

I haul it up in the morning,
look in the mirror,
check out those muscles,
mean-mug the day ahead-
it should fear me alright.

I’m all guns blazin’, baby,
I don’t stop
yellin’ “Okay Ramblers!”
out the window.

I am in a little world,
encased in whatever is possible to do,
so much more than those around me
but don’t I love the snow globe.

Every day is an action shot
in double time, forward motion-
I jump when I say jump,
all pistons firing,
all foam-darts loaded-
I don’t really intend to ever shoot
through any glass.

I wonder that anyone should ever peer through
and not laugh-
this wild young thing, hooting,
distorted convex in a clown mirror,
safe winning in protected lands.

I only hope that there are miles to go
before I sleep
though I can’t see myself that brave,
to fail-

all my strength is in always
suiting up:
“let’s get rambling!”
pew pew pew.


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