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Day 222 – Half-Assed Poetry

Sorry world-
you’re not getting much today.

when I have done nothing but rail against
the need to impress
with poetry with
the need to impress
with tight abs.

I read a poem yesterday,
this woman puts punch lines in her stuff,
to show that poetry is a joke
not to be taken seriously.

I would tend to agree with her
if only I didn’t read about her
in an established poetry journal.

How long did it take her
to pour over
how the word bananas
can mean crazy
and also fruit?

And let’s be real,
I’m writing this in a pizza joint.
It’s somebody’s birthday.
Not mine, but there’s a band
and balloons.
I wonder what else the word balloons
can mean.

I try really hard sometimes.
Sometimes I just don’t want to.


6 thoughts on “Day 222 – Half-Assed Poetry

  1. upon today
    blog’s back-halfed bray
    that is to say
    mind’s goal astray
    but whip allayed
    to sigh O’lay
    of missed sashay
    for one more day
    placed on POET-TRAY
    My Dear your STAY

  2. I love this so much ^ ^ Made me actually laugh

    To balloon someone could (if you think of it technically) be blowing air up someone’s ass. Not smoke, air…. maybe helium. Such that it makes the person feel good about themselves, like waaay too good about themselves. Such that it makes them fly out of this world and lose all perception of themselves.

    Like the poet you’re talking about. She probably ballooned herself out of this world because a few people clapped ^ ^… well maybe they ballooned her…

    Or wait maybe she ballooned their bananas x)

    …. Okay bye ^ ^

    Lack of inspiration has never been so good ^ ^ Keep up the good work!

  3. Mmm, you left out cake, but how original, colloquial, — bananas and fruit. Balloons, kind of partial to making ones with brown paper bags, held over a fire to then release and watch them flyaway under a full moon, you can decorate them too if you want. After humanity got bored with such early balloons, the whole concept/word just went downhill. So feel free, meanings are rewritten, rethought all the time, but the bananas and fruit are old and need to be composted.

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